Tiramisu # 2

Tiramisu number 2! I cut and sewed it all in one day - I love how much easier/faster it is the second time round with a pattern.  The fabric is a cotton knit of wider black and yellow stripes, with a narrow white stripe in between each black and yellow stripe.  I was unsure whether to make a full dress as I thought the knit may cling.  This picture is with a slip underneath, which will be a constant, I think.  I made it as a wearable muslin before I cut into my Nelson holiday special fabric, but I think it is good enough for work (despite the fact that the centre seam of the skirt is not quite on the centre of my body which is absolutely my error not the pattern's).  The only thing I will change is that next time I will narrow the sleeves a little.  I made this one longer than version one.  Although I won't hem it for a few wears, I like the swish of the longer length.  It may even be a candidate for a no-hem hem.

I also finished the top which I started last weekend.  Pictures of that another day.

I've now done four weeks without any booze, plus I went to yoga this week.  I'm feeling about a grillion times better than a month ago, and I think the copper (plus the calcium and magnesium) is the crucial ingredient in my progress.  I'm not risking going backwards.


Sharonnz said…
Love this. Looks great. And yes, to a slip - I wear one under all my dresses now.

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