New Look 6735

New Look 6735 with elbow length sleeves.  I finished it in the weekend.  I bought the fabric at Morelands Fabric in Nelson and I really like it.  Actually, I wish I'd bought enough to make a tiramisu dress with it.  Today I wore it for the first time and I'm pleased with it.  Obviously, if I'd been to the hairdresser at all this year, I wouldn't look exactly like this.  But this look is pretty typical and I'm not about to wait until I have the perfect look and location and photographer (I took tonight's photos by holding the camera in front of me) just to put a record of my sewing on my blog.

I wore it with a long black skirt and a belt today.  Without the belt, the length focused the eye on my hips, which I didn't find visually pleasing.
It's paying off, this sewing lark.  This is the third version of the New Look 6735 top which I've made, and it's the first one which I've made with fabric I really like and to a standard which means I will regularly wear it to work.  Work is five days out of seven and so work clothes are definitely the most useful kind to sew.


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