2014: the sewing and gradening begins

Above and below: Cake espresso leggings: successful.  I've a second pair awaiting elastic and plans to make more.  I like wearing dresses more than trousers for work and I don't like faffing round with pantyhose (nor does the work dress code require them), so leggings are perfect for winter.  Usually I can only buy plain black from the cheap shop and they pull apart at the thighs long before any other part has worn out.  I'm looking forward to a longer life from these made to measure leggings.  For details of the pattern and why the customisation makes it brilliant, see here.  In case you are concerned, I don't plan on wearing the leggings as trousers - but the photo does allow you to see the leggings in some of their glory.

Less successful: McCalls 6408.  Very comfortable.  Like a tent at the back, so I put elastic in all the way round which would have been quite good except I didn't put in straight (I was under the illusion it was straight all the way until it was too late).  I also managed to have mismatched seams and wonkiness in several places, and my excited attempt at using the overlocking stitch on my ~30 year old machine resulted in an unplanned-for frilliness to the hem.  Destined for a round home jacket only.  The style is very loose.  This is a medium straight out of the packet (except I put the sleeves and side seams in with a narrower seam allowance to give a little more bicep and bust room), and the shoulders are too wide (as indicated in the pattern picture, to be fair).  My measurements would have me in the XL size if I hadn't read the size issue in many Pattern Review reviews of this jacket.
I'm now hankering for a jacket with shoulders that fit me.  This is something I only have a chance of getting if I make it myself, and indeed the tailoring involved would be a big step up in my sewing skills. 
 I buried pumpkin scraps with the bokashi.  Now I have a forest.
 In place of the soldier poppies, spinach for autumn/winter eating.
 This is the view from where we buy our local raw milk.  The view beyond the trees is the ocean.  One of my favourite vistas in Wetville.
 Some of the garlic harvest.  I've a few problems with rot/disease this year, so won't be able to store all the heads.

 Marjoram, sage and feverfew.  I love the colours.
The punga raised bed, newly dug of its garlic crop and weeded, and now ready to produce a kale forest for winter.  The big challenge is to beat the white butterflies.


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