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The New Zealand Journal of History is online (bar the most recent two issues) and so I don't have to be a student or employee of a university to indulge my history desires.  Today I found this article:
which I found completely fascinating.

I also sent off a draft of my review of Susan Upton's book on barmaids to an historian friend.  In and around ineffective attempts to get my daughter to eat her dinner or clean her room, I removed more rubbish to the dump, booked her birthday party venue, weeded more of the garden and sewed more of my hummingbird skirt.  I now have an almost complete skirt - it just needs hemming and a button and buttonhole.  It looks quite nice, very wintry but that will come quite soon enough.  But nothing presses my finished object buttons so much as a dress.  I need some more cardigans or jackets but the fabric in my cupboard is all winking and whispering d*r*e*s*s at me.

I ordered Half of  a Yellow Sun off trademe following a respected recommendation.

Last night was craft night and it was awesome.  A room full of intelligent and wonderful women, none of them concerned about tidiness, analysing local issues and thinking beyond local politics (we fitted a bit of crafting talk in and some of the multitaskers even crafted while they conversed).  They even all bought yummy food (I forgot to do that in my anxiousness to actual vacuum the lounge) and it was gorgeousness itself.  I can report that even if you do not have a coffee table (they are terrible things which mostly result in bruises apart from when you are hosting a feast in the lounge), if you upend a laundry basket (yes! empty laundry basket!  that's an achievement as well) and cover it with a tablecloth and then put the feast on your best inherited cake stands and slice plates, and all will be both accessible and delicious and not in the least laundry-ish.


Heather said…
I read Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's 'Purple Hibiscus' a few years back and it was fantastic!
Heather said…
There was an interview on Nine to Noon yesterday with the guy who made a film adaptation of Half of a Yellow Sun.

You can listen to it here:


--Heather :-)

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