Condolence biscuits

My mother is a whizz baker. As we grew older and she returned to the paid workforce, she refused to lower her standards. Sometimes I would scramble out of bed just before seven on a weekday morning to find Mum had been up since 5am and baking for most of that time. Not for us (that was the weekend or I did it), but for a fundraiser (school, brownies, cubs, Catholic Womens League, others I have forgotten) or if someone had died.

Tonight we learned that Favourite Handyman's Nana died in her sleep this morning. We've found flights for him to go to Auckland and let work know he will be away for the rest of the week. Now that he has gone off to sort out his work this evening and the children are asleep, I wonder what I can send. It doesn't take long to know - these things are enculturated into my bones. I'm not sure if enculturated is in the dictionary, but I know what it means.

Off to open my long acquaintance Edmonds and turn the oven on.


Sharonnz said…
Sorry to hear this.

A good shortbread always goes down well - and travels well too.
Shortbread would have been classier and definitely popular Sharon. Alas I did not think of it and the hokey pokey biscuits are now in Auckland. I haven't asked about how the four roses from our garden travelled - one from each of us. I thought it was worth trying.

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