The good oil

Last week I found this article and recipe on omega 3 goodness at the same time as my son (7) was struggling with his fast-worsening eczema during school swim week, which is where they swim twice per day every day for a week and have a glorious time.

We have a long history of trying almost everything invented to help improve Fionn's skin. I have supplemented with flax seed oil before but after this article, and with the fortuitous discovery of quite a bit of flax seed oil just on its official use-by date in the Health Shop $5 bargain bin on Monday, I have started rubbing several capsules of flax seed oil into his skin, 2-3 times per day. The difference is totally wonderful. Whereas the budget aqueous cream that we had been relying on in recent years (i.e since it eased off from his worst days of looking like a burns survivor) merely moisturised his skin briefly, the omega-3-rich flax seed oil literally feeds and nourishes his skin. In addition, he now has his own tub of Tui Bee Balm (beeswax-based moisturising cream) which he puts on before swimming to create a barrier to the chlorine.

Now I realise that a teaspoon of flax seed oil in his porridge which I used to dole out was not sufficient quantity to make a real difference to his skin health.

As for the taramasalata in the link above, I cannot source smoked cod roe or smoked any-fish roe here in Wetville, but I did find a bag of walnuts at the supermarket tonight and bought some jars of anchovies with which to have a go at making bagna cauda. Lots of good oils by the looks of the recipe, which I will post if it works out. I also bought some smoked salmon. There are worse things to 'need' in your diet.


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