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Another day of promise and delight. I sowed kale seed this morning, both curly kale and lacinato kale (also called tuscan kale and walking stick kale) and then bought some large pots and a new blueberry plant at the garden centre. One large pot is for the new blueberry (of my two last year, the weaker one is now one long stick with three leaves on it). The second is to transplant the lemon tree into as it is now too big for its current pot. I have learnt through the killing of fruit trees that our garden is just too wet and waterlogged for fruit trees. Pots are an expensive alternative but our own lemons will be wonderful one day. Last year we ate a few blueberries which were delicious. Actually, I ate the few blueberries - gardener's perk. I would like a gooseberry bush but given the thorns, I am waiting until the children are older.

This afternoon Brighid and I went out to Raelene's to collect donkey poo. Brighid seems to really enjoy farm life, plonking around the sloshy paddock in her gumboots and pink gloves picking up donkey doo. I vowed to go out poo-collecting more often.

Favourite Handyman mowed the lawns and I decided where to put the spuds. I had a closer look at our neglected rhubarb plants and they are so weed-bound (though surviving magnificently, anything else would have died long ago) that I think I need to dig them up, loosen all soil from them, dig the garden over and lay down cardboard and mulch and just cut a hole for each rhubarb to replant it in. More gardening tomorrow... perhaps I need to resign from work and just grow food all year round...

Photos from today's excursions (other people ran and cycled, but I merely strolled):


Anonymous said…
no no no you're thinking all wrong!!!!
thorns is EXACTLY why you plant those gooseberries
no-one will go near them;-)

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