I finally had a go at making my own crackers today, using this recipe from Towards Sustainability, a blog I have admired for a long time. I undercooked the first batch, and the second were good. They need a little rock salt for perfection, but the amount devoured by the short boy bodes well for using them in school lunches. This morning I most emphatically was not in a Sally Fallon mood, but by the time I'd made successful banana choc chip muffins and the crackers, been hydrosliding for the first time in 25 years and had divine barbeque sausages and halloumi and grilled tomatoes for dinner (none cooked by me), I was feeling a little more receptive to the idea of soaking and fermenting the flour and dancing twice around a purple feather for my next cracker experiment. I pulled the sourdough starter out of the fridge and fed it and plan to make a cracker mixture before I go to bed tonight.

I found marinated artichokes in the supermarket for the first time ever, flipped out the $6.49 for a wee jar and had my first taste. Yes indeed I like them which means now I should be more motivated to actually cook my garden produce this year. Last year I left the hearts to flower. Lovely purple flowers, but a little food would also be good.

Yesterday I mounded up the spuds and transplanted my tomato seedlings into larger pots. Parsley and silverbeet are running to seed in the garden. Time for change.

I'm still knitting sleeve ONE of the purple cardigan. It'll be done in time for the poem I guess.

Tomorrow is Beltane according to my Southern Hemisphere Pagan calendar. Off to google and see what seasonal celebrating opportunities it offers.


Anonymous said…
Tip for next time: using two balls of wool, knit both sleeves at the same time! For starters, they both end up identical coz you make the same mistake on both, and secondly, it takes less time than making two and you never ever get to the point of having everything EXCEPT one sleeve done!
Dancing round pruple feathers is optional.

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