twirly skirt

Earlier this week Fionn came home with a birthday invitation. The birthday girl is rather a favourite of mine and despite Fionn-the-consumer-luster requesting we shop at Toyworld, I fancied making her a skirt.

I did. All in one day. Finito already.

This is massive massive progress. And I did it with my helper Brighid with me. Sure, a lot of creative things happened in the rest of the house while I sewed, but we both were happy.

It didn't even take all day. I can't believe that I am actually turning into a functional sewing-person.

This pattern:
I made the bottom left picture, but with a plain hem instead of contrast trim. I didn't do the cute swirl and flower additions either.
The photos are taken before I had hemmed the skirt and also the elastic is still poking out as fitting the waist is why I tried it on my model. As the model is in bed asleep, I can't take final photographs but I have finished it.

I used poplin and it is so soft and drapey and now I want to make one for me... I've wanted one before but thought it would be huge on my hips and massive on the fabric bill. But actually the amount of fabric on my hips wouldn't be huge and I do have an op shop circular tablecloth waiting for at least a circle skirt attempt... It's not fine poplin, but it would give me a chance to learn how to make one. I would look for a pattern with a flat waistband for me, which would lead to me having to learn to fit a zip...

I also planted some broccoli and kale. I got as far as putting a bottle of beer and the opener outside to make beer traps, but then 5pm happened (surely 5pm is code for chaos in multiple directions for more parents than just me?) and it is still out there and Favourite Handyman noticed my negligence of precious items and commented as soon as he got home.

My brother is coming to visit tomorrow. We are all excited, and the children just about bounced right up to the ceiling with excitement when I told them.


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