the war on slugs continues

Today we stayed at home all morning, altogether. It was the best treat I could imagine. The kids played round on their bikes and FH and I gardened. I transplanted the second bay tree, uplifted some herbs for a friend and began the process of weeding the 2 x 2 metre section left by removing the herbs. They surely prospered in the old chook run garden bed. I pruned some of the bay leaves which were folded over or stuck together and found leaf roller caterpillars inside. I guess that is the same demon as has been enjoying the leaves of my tomato plants.

This afternoon was birthday party time and then we went to the gypsy fair. Brighid had her first pony ride and loved it. Fionn was too scared to go on the mini motorbikes two years ago and has been panting for a chance to ride them this year. He had great fun.

The war on slugs continues. I've added a fifth beer trap after seeing that in the chook grave garden, two new celery plants have been almost annihilated. The trap under one of the kale plants yielded about forty (yes really) slugs last night. When I was weeding this morning I noticed that they seem to be able to live 1-2 centimetres below the soil surface.


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