jelly on a plate

Just when I'm almost congratulating myself on having the shittiest day in months, and about to think 'well things can only get better', I remember about the earthquake and how I have a relatively perfect life.

and that if it can get that shitty in Christchurch, the city my family are most connected to on both sides, the city which always seemed to personify stability, then that's the edge of the wedge. Maybe it's not God's Own Country, the land of milk and honey. Maybe it goes deeper than the wounds of neoliberalism. Right down to the tectonic plates.

My little talk to myself continues. Plenty of people live in shitty times and shitty places and shitty circumstances. Wallowing is not the ideal response. By this time I'm actually turning into the supermarket and at least I know I can buy some wine.

Tomorrow we drive to Christchurch. It can't come soon enough. Brighid was awake for much of last night with pain in her foot and I was awake with her, wondering if we were on the verge of an emergency mid-night trip to hospital, maybe even in a helicopter. She has "Mawhera" with her, the cuddly grey bear from her kindy who goes on trips all over the place. We are going to take a photo of Mawhera in hospital with Brighid to give to kindy.

My preparations are not the kind you write 'how to' manuals from. I walked around the supermarket buying lots of treats and some wine (neither oven nor time to make food for our friends where Fionn is staying or to take to Chch). I washed more clothes, then some more. I bought Brighid a new bag (we could have managed) and Fionn new pjs (ditto) because they seemed good ideas at the time this afternoon. At least it is money into local businesses.

So, by the time I'm posting here again, we will be back in Wetville and life will be much improved. I don't know if I'll have internet access in hospital and I certainly don't know how to interact between a mobile and the internet - my attempts to buy and set up a mobile for emergency contact only tonight were mishandled by vodafone until I may have had a smidgeon of a suggestion of a meltdown and pointed out that I can't take it back to the shop in the morning as I have to go to hospital in Christchurch before the shop even opens and the only reason I bought the phone was for the trip to hospital and by the time I get back I won't even want it and my money will be wasted and its purpose won't be met and... so the nice man went away and came back with some kind of magical solution until I get back to the shop in a few days.


Megan said…
Good luck to you all for the hospital experience - I for one think treats, wine, new bag and pjs are entirely appropriate! Catch up soon.

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