Serene Hagley Park

Beautiful park huh? It's at the back of Christchurch hospital, where we spent much of yesterday with our daughter. It was serene and not quite impossible to credit the damage merely metres away. If we turned our heads in the opposite direction, we could see the cones, orange tape and army presence marking the cordoned off area of central Christchurch, where even now unsafe rubble prevents the retrieval of dead bodies.

The hospital staff were amazing. Despite the loss of homes and lives and their non-medical responsibilities, all these wonderful people were working hard to provide care for sick and injured people. Next week they will operate on Brighid and remove the balloon which is like a pseudo aneurism on her artery.

Back here, we did some gardening today. The beer operation has yielded lots and lots of slug casualties. The compost was in bad shape, all compacted and not behaving is I want it to. So I hauled it all out, broke it up and made a new pile on top of one of the garden beds and mixed it with wood shavings and donkey poo and then covered the pile with pea straw. That was half of the compost heap. The remaining half I also mixed with donkey poo and wood shavings and returned to our plastic compost bin. I'll be avoiding adding much more to that bin as I don't want it compacting down. The compost pile on the garden beside the lean-to will hopefully be lovely dark compost by midwinter. Then I can fork it into the punga raised bed and plant the garlic there.


Sharonnz said…
Sorry to hear precious wee B has to have surgery - will be good to get that over and done with quickly. I'm lying in bed at night pondering my compost at the moment;-) Need some horse poo - determined to get awesome garlic this year.

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