Brighid - all safe and well

We had an extraordinary experience yesterday. They put her under anaesthetic and then the surgeon checked the lump of the aneurism and couldn't feel the pulse. So they got the ultrasound machien and there was no blood flow. The aneurism had clotted off by its own accord. That must have happened on Monday night when she was in pain almost all night. So we found this out in the recovery room - that they had not operated after all. It was quite a shock but good news. At least she wasn't cut open before they found this out.

The trip to Chch involved lots of earthquake aftershocks, many of them quite substantial. We are very glad to be back in Wetville and to have Fionn with us and be on stable ground again.

Thank you for all of your support.


maps said…
Sorry to hear you're having a rough time, Sandra. Best wishes.
Ange said…
Wow, what a relief, and poor wee Brighid, going through all that - what a trooper she is!!
applepip said…
Isn't the body amazing! All your nourishing and nursing clearly did the trick. So pleased B avoided the op and you are home again safe and sound.

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