Sunday: gumboots and art competitions

Ten barrow loads of wood stacked. Four square metres weeded, limed and fertilised and planted with six cavolo nero seedlings, four celery seedlings, six lettuce seedlings and three spinach seedlings. Three art competitions judged (bounty: a sliding scale of tiny teddies for round one and sliding scales of animal biscuits for rounds two and three). One girl with streaming nose but still racing around trying to do everything her brother did. One bike ride in which my not-been-biking-for-a-loooong-time muscles squealed. Then one little girl increasingly unwell, now in bed hopefully sleeping off that feverish look. No work for me tomorrow - I'm not interfering with her need for uninterrupted morning sleep and maternal care.

Best go get some sleep while I can; parental night shift is likely to be busy.


Johanna Knox said…
Hope you are managing to have a relatively peaceful day Sandra. I have just caught up with reading your blog after a long time largely AWOL from the blogosphere, and I see that things have been rough. All the best as things go on.

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