apple & feijoa cider

Good things:
apple & feijoa cider from Old Mout Cider. I grew up just down the road from where this stuff is made. Indeed, Brownies was held in the old school next door to what was the Noslen winery, makers of blackberry nip, which was another cheap and drinkable tipple, though I think the cider is better again. Anyways, it's on special at New World at the moment, and it comes in a plastic bottle. $9 a litre! Who can complain, certainly not me.

There was a magical moment at the vehicle testing station this afternoon, when it appeared that all I needed was a new headlamp bulb and then I had a warrant of fitness for our elderly car for six more months. Unfortunately, changing the bulb revealed that it's a bigger problem, and when they gave me the sheet to get it fixed, there was a warning on the bottom about a rusty crossmount bar on the radiator. Or something like that. Something ominous. Ominously expensive. Still. I have had worse warrant reports. Considerably worse in fact.

I bought Simplicity 9900 in order to make some shorts for Fionn, who has been reminding me that it is time I sewed something for him. I realise it is a simple pattern and that commercial patterns are expensive, but I find drafting or freehand patternmaking very difficult and at least this way I am supporting our local fabric shop.

My friend Ruth gave me this remaindered curtain sample, which Fionn likes a lot. I'd demurred that it was impractical for shorts, but then today I wondered why that had to matter, when I had the fabric waiting to be used anyway.
I've nearly finished them. Lopsided bottoms as the hem is marked up on one side after Fionn tried them on. I could easily have made the size smaller.
Only one more day until our new chooks arrive...

[yes, of course it rained today. Otherwise I would have been full of gardening talk. But not to mind, I still found things to do which related in no way to housework.]


Nikki said…
I've been enjoying that same apple and feijoa cider...mmmm...
Anonymous said…
No no no
You don't want a smaller size - then they wouldn't fit him for as long!

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