The poultry palace is graced once again with five princesses.

Favourite Handyman cooked brocolli, sausages and potatoes for dinner.

Brighid ate all of her dinner without a single complaint.

Fionn got a voucher at league for doing a fabulous tackle and a big wound on his knee at the aftermatch function when he took a leap in the dark and landed on concrete instead of muddy grass. Despite wailing and gnashing his teeth as I cleaned the wound, and requesting bandages, it does appear that his knee will be perfectly fine in a week or so. It was worth it for him anyway, as he got a bottle of coca cola, illicit stuff in our house.

Geraldine Brooks' novel, March, is fantastic. Gripping, rivetting, etc.

The local garden nursery has little plants of snowdrops. It's hard to get these as bulbs, so buying them this more expensive way is better than missing out entirely. I bought and planted one today, and may well sneak back for more this week.

It has been a wonderful fortnight, full of treats of great weather, a real going-away holiday, and the absence of lurgies. The previous school holidays were rather unfortunately punctuated with vomit. Tomorrow we have friends for lunch, and in between making food and chatting with our friends, I'll be sure to visit the chooks very very frequently.


Nikki said…
Haha, we had the exact same dinner last night. It was Danielle's request. She is my plain meat and veg kid, but only gets it that way once a week.

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