We've had visitors and lots of fun the last couple of days. Much more fun than listening to some of the economic news, and that damn Phil O'Reilly on why workers should not get pay rises which respond to the sharp inflation rate. From the Blackball Museum of working class history:
Without our brain and muscle not a single wheel can turn.

A shot of the kids. Both photos from our talented visiting photographer.

Tomorrow we take the children to my parents to stay and then FH and I are going on a mini holiday all of our own, complete with hot pools, and possibly even snow.

None of that over the top expensive broccoli for us. Here we are eating swede. And kale of course. I made smoked fish and potato stew the other night, with kale in it, and I cooked grated swede and 8/9 people liked it. Brighid, of course, was the unpleasable. If you are hanging off the edge of your computer, desperate to know my recipe secrets so that you too can serve swede which people have second helpings of, then leave me a comment and I'll write the recipes in a post after I return from my overnight hot pools adventure.


Anonymous said…
We spent a whole month doing parsnips once when the food budget was almost blown - I imagine swede could be served the same many ways.
Would love to hear your amazing one too.

Now here's my gem for you today:

I would add some garlic.


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