Reefton retro

After five nights without the children, in which we had a marvellous time, firstly at the wonderful hot pools at Maruia Springs and later at home, we are now our full complement again and it's great to have Brighid and Fionn back. I miss the chooks too, much more than I had thought I would, so I'm looking forward to collecting our new chooks this Saturday.

Stopping of at Reefton for a pie this afternoon, I was impressed with the retro theme at the tearooms. The painting isn't so much retro but I included it anyway as it is of local brass band players. Those two display cabinets are entirely filled with novelty salt and pepper shakers.

At Maruia Springs we tried a new-to-us traditional Japanese dish called yose-nobe. It was a soy based broth with prawns, salmon, chicken balls, mussels, scallops and vegetables in it. They brought a gas ring to our table and then placed the large dish on the burner and left us with ladles and bowls to serve ourselves. It was delicious and I am on a mission to make our own now. I'm not wild about soy products, but I've found instructions for making traditional Japanese broths with kombu and bonito flakes, which I am happy to do.

Eating the lovely yose-nobe prompted FH and I to reminisce about favourite foods we had discovered while travelling. Memories of fabada in the Asturias region of Spain came back again this afternoon in the butchery at Blackball. So I've come home with white pudding, black pudding, chorizo and bacon (and sausages and saveloys of course of course - it is league season) and tonight I'll put some white beans in water to soak.

I've finished my flowery curtain material skirt, barring a hook and eye at the top of the zip. Hell will probably freeze over before I post a picture of me wearing it, but one of it on the skirt hanger could be up later in the week. I found some very lovely retro floral at the Sallies a few days ago and am gearing up to make it into a bag for my sister in law. I've only had it on my to-do list for seven months...

I took this from the new national cycle way path not far from us. Behind me is the Tasman Sea, to my right are lines of snow capped mountains, to my left are houses and here is our local gravel works. Behind it is more suburbia.

I got into the gardening late this afternoon. I transplanted one rose, dug a pile of weeds out and (it appeared) brought on the first rain we've had in over a week. More rose and strawberry relocations tomorrow.


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