I could buy this top:

or go to the dentist (which will likely be the equivalent of many tops) or wait until I see what the bill is after the car has been for a service tomorrow.

Either way, we splashed out tonight and had dinner at the Speights Ale House where I didn't have to prepare a thing and none of us had to do dishes. You can come up with all the lectures on thriftiness in the world, but after a sleepless night and a busy day, I had not a single ounce of energy for food preparation and needed more nutrition that fish and chips could provide. We stopped at the beach and then the playground on the way home. Actually I didn't set foot on the playground, but lay in the car with my eyes shut.

Yesterday I thought I was really getting the hang of the new multiple extra curricular activities - no moaning and feeling overwhelmed for at least two days and possibly more. Only now Fionn announces that he has made a decision on winter sport (rugby league again, flinging away his thoughts of a season of soccer) and it turns out that league practice clashes with swimming lessons. The new swimming lessons that is, as this term's swimming lesson time has been changed to accommodate a changed work schedule. Brighid chimed in with a request to play league as well, explaining that "I have been very patient waiting to play league". Where did she get that vocab? Oh okay. She has been on the league sideline every winter since she was 15 months old. I'll hold off on the feelings of multi-activity organisation competency for a bit yet.

I re-read The Secret Garden. I started reading it to Brighid but she's a wee bit young for it and then I wanted to re-read it for myself. A garden as a source of life and love and energy. I think I should go back to reading children's books again. I'm off to look at bulb catalogues next. I was dreaming of spring bulbs as I lay trying to sleep for twenty minutes before school pickup this afternoon.

Nice top though, aye? I love the colour.


Ruth G said…
I like the style of this top and will check out the bella chic website. Good to hear you are looking after yourself by enjoying a meal you didn't have to cook.
Annanonymous said…
Insomnia and Speights ... I share mainlander solidarity with you.

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