Communal love, and the red scarf with no need of an apostrophe.

Earlier in the week I was feeling quite compromised by my working hours. My good friend's daughter was in hospital and I was at work when her four year old son needed care. But it's not that terrible after all and I can find ways to still support my friends (who have helped me so very much when I've needed it) in the evenings. Last night I hung out at the local children's ward with Miss sick 8 year old and her Mum and tonight I spent with the elderly and still wonderful Mary K. Mary K went into a rest home about six weeks ago after coping at home got frighteningly difficult for her. Today she was moved into a larger room which will be wonderful for her in the long run. Change is really hard when you are 85 and have some early dementia and Mary rang me this evening quite confused and stressed.

No problem. I went down there and found a trolley (grabbed a wheelchair until they found me a trolley) and shifted the rest of her possessions. Now everything is together and we've had a chat and she is going to be okay after all.

No sewing funnily enough, though I did start knitting again a couple of nights ago. A red scarf with no set pattern so far. I looked up some flash patterns but they all require me to count very carefully the whole time I knit. Not my kind of knitting.

Quite unrelated question: will the apostrophe, correctly used, survive? A missing apostrophe is mildly annoying for a punctuation pedant like me, but all those inappropriate apostrophes hovering over plurals are driving me crazy, almost everywhere I look.


Susan said…
I found the most amazing wool at Spotlight. With 6 stitches and no 5.5 knitting needles you knit a lovely warm, soft scarf in just an afternoon. I'll post a photo tomorrow and send you the info about the wool. Absolutely wonderful!

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