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I've been sewing. Sewing with fabric which feels silky and soft and most likely luxurious to wear and yet slips and slides in my machine in a most tricky fashion. The top is going to turn out okay, but I might go for a cotton knit rather than another luscious jersey next time.

I watched/listened to The Lightbulb Conspiracy while I sewed tonight. I think it is very good and absolutely worth watching. I thought I knew a bit about planned obsolescene, but I learnt a lot of new and fascinating information through this documentary. If you haven't discovered Harvestbird on my blogroll, then I recommend you read her posts. They aren't frequent, but they are very eloquent and sometimes haunting evocations of one person's journey through post-bigquake Christchurch life.Link


Annanonymous said…
I very much wish I could sew. It's a form of engineering for ladies - a wonderful skill I'd like to master!

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