No it's not 3.30am anymore. It's 4.15am. Yes I do have to go to work in the morning. No, that knowledge didn't help me get back to sleep.

But I have made progress sewing my navy top, made out of Donna Karan Italian jersey no less (or that is what the photos on the Global Fabrics website have led me to believe), from a Khaliah Ali Simplicity 1945 pattern. No one at Pattern Review has posted a review of the crossover top I have chosen to make, so I forge somewhat valiantly forward making it all by myself, with no one to indicate the pitfalls and perks ahead. There was a spot (big spot) of unpicking earlier in the week, as it seems that no matter how carefully I checked which part to sew to which, goblins flipped things over and made me sew the left front on backwards. Or upside down. Or something which was wrong. Next up are the sleeves. I've roughly pinned them and anticipate it will be triable-on by the end of the week. Oooooh.

So, sewing at night or in the middle of the night, is providing me with a sense of achievement outside the madness of what I tentatively call regular responsibilities, or the rest of my life. I've just deleted a long rant about adjusting to our new family timetable because I will wince when I read it later and there is the issue of middle class whingeyness when other people are cleaning floors and serving up at KFC at odd hours just to feed their kids and get kicked in the backside by the government. But if you are reading this and feeling like other people seem to manage their family and working lives smoothly while you struggle and puddle and patch it all together, then please know that you are not alone.

I tried out Twitter this week. We'll see. I'm not quite ready to review it's effectiveness as a new procrastination tool yet. As a procrastination tool, Facebook is tried and tested and true for me. This is my favourite find of the week:


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