Bits of brain scattered along the curtain mending...

... like dandruff.
I've mended the curtains and attached the blackout lining which Mum made for them.  In this photo, the right hand side solar system curtain has been mended (the tape across the top replaced) and the lining added.  The left side is relatively sloppy and see through, but I've done that side since I took the photograph.

I'm half way through niece knitting, i.e. one item finished (apart from sewing in the ends).

I read Barbara Anderson's autobiography Getting There a few days ago.  Interesting without being challenging, so a perfect read for when I was sick.  I'm reading Gavin Bishop's Piano Rock to Brighid at the moment, partly for my own pleasure.  I bought the Winter 2012 issue of New Zealand Books yesterday, and the most memorable line so far?  "Denis Glover told me it was my job to look decorative.  I smiled but didn't tell him I'd observed how carefully he combed his hair in a shop-window reflection that day as I followed him up Woodward Street to the meeting." (p.27).

I've been eyeing up two movies: Le Havre and The Door.  Both look worth seeing, which is more than I could say for the trailer of What to Expect When You Are Expecting.

Metservice have issued a severe weather warning for this weekend, and the forecast is relentlessly wet for tomorrow and for days beyond.  So obviously, it was a good idea for me to arrange to have six children at my house tomorrow, aged ten years to eight months.  Of course the house isn't clean.  Of course I'm not sane.


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