Holiday plans

My strongest response to the end of a holiday is to plan another one.  Prudent and sensible persons might not do anything of the sort.  P & S persons would observe the imminent need to replace the 21-year old car, the looming mechanic's bill to repair the aforementioned 21-year old car, and probably other tiresomely viurtuous aspects and stay at home and wash the kitchen floor and repair the toilet cistern.

But there is a birthday in the house soon and I don't think 'prudent' and 'sensible' were words in the marriage vows we wrote and exchanged.

So today, the last day before term time madness begins, I stayed in my jammies all day, napped for part of the afternoon and researched options for a weekend in a rainforest.  I looked at what other people have been sewing on their sewing blogs as well.  I watch sewing about ten times more often than I actually sew.


Keely said…
I'm semi-planning many holiday days like that when I finish my thesis.

And I'm with you on reading about sewing more than getting any done. I used to keep buying for projects on the idea that I might get time, but I've run out of storage room. Plus hubby was starting to comment a bit about the growing stash of 'wall insulation'.
Unknown said…
Nice plan for holiday.

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