When Santa Claus came to town

Uncle Pete came to town.  A much anticipated trip by the shortest people, who were spoilt rotten by their grandparents and uncle in Hanmer recently.  The pictures above come from the animal farm at Hanmer Springs.  I squandered much of my child-free time by being sick.  Now I'm squandering an evening mending curtains.  It's true that they will look better afterwards, and Fionn really likes the solar system pattern on them They were rather worn out when I first found them at the Sallies, but my Mum has kindly made blackout lining for them which I need to hang tomorrow. 

We went op shopping today, the kids and I.  Brighid persistently requested we buy another copy of Sleeping Beauty.  I was more interested in buying her the picture of Tabitha Twitchett.  Op shops are good.  Low stakes so less intensive arguments.  We bought both.  I also bought a packet of about four metres of blue fabric for $2.  I hope I turn out to use it.  It is nice and possibly sensible, rather than flamboyant and gorgeous.

Most of my recent vehemence has faded before I could articulate it.  But this week's Listener has a good article on Health At Every Size and this post in response to that article, and the comments afterwards, are also worth a look.


Heather said…
Hi Sandra,

Interesting to read that piece about HAES and some of the links in the comments. You might be interested in an interview with Cat on Radio NZ National yesterday. You can download it at:


I find the whole area pretty fraught. On the one hand, I can think of only two women I know who *don't* think that they really ought to be on a diet. That just can't be healthy!! On the other hand, I myself am largely bedbound and am very careful about my weight as it feels like one of the few ways I can bring down my chances of yet more ill-health. The main other one being eating very healthily. However, while I understand that being fit and active is more important than having a particular BMI, I don't know whether it's better to be 'normal' weight rather than fat if being fit and active isn't an option for you?? So, until someone gives me a credible reason not to, I'll keep on taking the nasty amphetamines my specialist has prescribed to get rid of all the extra weight I put on when I first went from an normal, active life to a bedbound one.
Sandra said…
Thanks for your comments Heather. I started listening to the interview you linked to, but Jim Mora irritates me so much! I stopped when it seemed like he was never going to let go of grilling her about her weight stats and his convistion that she was inherently unhealthy. Had he not read that she was all about stepping beyond that???? But I did like the 60 minutes interview which is linked ot in the comments section of the post I linked to.

I don't think we can completely invert all ideas around weight and health and assume that weight will never be problematic for anyone, but it is time to look at the whole health picture for each person and not assume that weight loss is the first and best response.

I hope medical science can offer you improved quality of life soon Heather.

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