Things I have learnt recently

1. If I am whizzing eggs with my whizzy stick, if I switch to the turbo function then half of the mixture will splatter all around the kitchen in a wide radius very quickly.
2. A single fix trip to the mechanic is never a single fix.  I may have learnt this before but I've learnt it more this week.  The car spent two full days at the mechanic's.  This afternoon, too late to add it to the mechanic's fix-list for the day, FH finally remembered to tell me that the front right headlight bulb isn't working.  Timing, I presume, is not the sole secret to a long and happy marriage.
3. Anne Else's thesis is an amazing document which is already giving me a framework to understand some of my own vexed questions about my world.
4. Computer screen reading isn't all that reading has to offer.  I won't be signing up for a kindle any time soon.  In the library today I found Lunch in Paris by Elizabeth Bard, which is a lovely holiday read.  I've been trying to skive off and read it ever since, but with limited success.
5. If I can discipline myself to packing the children's gear tonight, then tomorrow night I have all to myself.  Letting the children pack their own gear is forbidden by their host, due to the odd things and significant gaps in the bags on past trips.  I think my mother is being reasonable on this; one time Fionn arrived mid winter in Hanmer with not a single top beyond the one he was wearing.
6. Craft night at my place last night was lots of fun.  I made everyone look at my clean oven.
7. Dishes grow.  All by themselves.  Maybe one day I will climb right out of the kitchen on a staircase of dishes, up to a castle in the sky.  Up there I will find and bring back a golden dishwasher, one which stacks and empties itself.
8. In the process of cleaning my oven, I may have damaged the seal.  At least that appears to be an explanation for the steam arising out of the oven door and permeating the entire house this afternoon when I cooked roast chicken.
9. Setting the timer on the oven is only useful if I can hear when it goes off.
10.  I am lucky to have really wonderful friends in Wetville.  Getting to spend time with them these school holidays is the best gift.


Sharonnz said…
I have to say, as a complete Kindle convert, that reading it is a very different experience to reading a computer screen. A computer screen is backlit which, imho, is not great on the eyes.
Keely said…
I have a Sony ereader and find that much easier to read on than computer (or phone) screens. Very much like reading paper.

I am now very tempted to invite our craft group around as a way of motivating me to do any housework, and even perhaps the oven!
Sandra said…
Thanks for your comments. I do like the feel of paper. My inner luddite wiggles to the outside...

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