The fundraising festival

They call it the school gala.  As a title, it seems to encompass a one day event.  In practise, the runup is akin to Lent.  Give something up every week and send it to school.  Read the list of what everyone has volunteered for and notice the gaps remaining.  Every week.  So far, I've not remembered to send corn chips, or butter, or sugar, or condensed milk.  I have volunteered to bake, and to help on the candy floss stall and serving the lunches.  I said that if they were short on the lunches, I would do the candy floss in the lead up the night before and on the morning, and then do lunches during the event.  My eyes were open as well as briefly noble.  They never have enough people for the lunches until the verrrrrrrry last minute.

Today, when one child was dressed in uniform and I was realising that my laundry strike this week meant the other had no clean school top, some bright relative remembered it was mufti.  Bottle-O Mufti.  They went off to choose outfits, while I pondered our bottle options.  Awake half the night with an over-extended bout of insomnia, I was in my dressing gown and very bleary.  The supermarket before school wasn't quite within my grasp.

I found three unopened bottles in the top cupboard.  They fought over taking the HP sauce, until Fionn noticed it was past its use-by date.  I overruled their squibbling (squabbling and quibbling - let me know if someone else has already patented the term) and gave one some expensive gluten free tamari soya sauce and the other some Heinz tomato ketchup.

There will be a new newsletter and weekly request next week.  Why do I try and play good brownie?  Partly because some part of me is a good brownie, and also because I'm so grateful that I'm not actually organising the event, which for all the hard work and crazy goals on the day (there are baking competitions for the kids and I have no idea whatsoever how I am supposed to coordinate rescheduled sport before the gala, helping at the gala, helping before the gala, baking for the gala, taking my elderly cousin to the gala AND enabling young children to bake in my kitchen that same morning), is a great community event and one I'm kind of proud to be sharing in.


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