The phenomenal growth rate of laundry

One head of garlic planted.  Not all of this year's garlic bed is ready for planting - some of my buried bokashi hasn't broken down completely.  Though the many and large worms are testament to the goodness of the bokashi. Hopefully the rest will be ready later this month.

One only slightly forlorn gooseberry bush found in the sad and cheap section at the far end of Mitre 10 and planted.  I've had no success with my first gooseberry bush, but gooseberries taste so good and are rarely available outside of home gardens, so it's worth persisting.

Six celery plants and six soldier poppy plants planted.  I helped the celery along with some sheep dag and wool mix I found in the shed.  The soldier/ANZAC poppies should be flowering for Lou's birthday in October.  Lou was a Prisoner of War in WW2 and a very wonderful man and we like to particularly honour him on ANZAC day and his birthday.

Two full bins of bokashi buried, and much weeding done beforehand.  I think I dug out the biggest dock ever from this property.  Slack Sandra for letting it get that established, though I had cut most of the seed heads off a while ago.  I even sprinkled some rocket seeds on top.  Probably too cold, but it will be a worthwhile experiment, as the spot is quite sheltered.

There are more plants out the front waiting for me to plant out - some iceland poppies and a tray which Brighid chose of 12 overgrown polyanthus for only $3.

I continued my bargain buying at the supermarket.  I don't usually bother with red meat from the supermarket, but we have no independent butcher any more, and with a lurgied husband in the house I was thinking of mega-nutrition slow-cooker goodness.  Shin beef to be used immediately for only $3.50.  It's in the slow cooker now with lots of garlic, ginger, bay leaves, leeks, carrots and onions.  Should mean there is soupy/stewy goodness for lunch tomorrow while I'm at work, and maybe I can even come home for lunch and have some myself.

Laundry grows.  Faster than people, faster even than cars.  Possibly at a similar rate to dishes.  I hope FH gets well soon because I love him, but also because when he is well again I can go back to only dealing with laundry.  Dishes as well makes the working part of the evening too long.


Sharonnz said…
We had a fail with our first gooseberry bush. My poor hubby is desperate for one. I love the idea of the poppies. We have the most amazing self-sown ones popping up amongst our roses. Also - can you get beef cheeks? I tried them for the first time in the slow cooker last week - relatively cheap and fantastic!

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