Unfettered by exercise

I loved The Rosie Project.  I probably need (*need*) more Rosie Projects in my life.

Look at the cover, even.  I don't read deliberate comedy very often.  But I giggled, properly giggled, my way through this.  It's a better tonic than vitamin C. 

I also went to Christchurch and had a minor spending spree - two lovely bras and a beautiful scarf later, I closed my wallet for all but food and petrol expenses.  I went driving out at Greenpark (near Lincoln and Tai Tapu) and looked down behind Greenpark School.  It is going to close at the end of this year, but it was here that my Grandma began her formal schooling, and it was in a paddock at the back of the school that she tethered the pony which her father bought for her to ride to school (taking her younger brother with her).

Then I went to Tai Tapu and played lady lunching.  Nice gf roulade (yes I mentioned food, AND gf - it may get worse as the blogpost continues) and I got great value out of the meal as I read my way through the posh lifestyle magazines provided free for customer browsing.

All good things must be short if bankruptcy is not desired though, so now I am back in Wetville, trusting we don't need to build an ark because all the other times it rained heavily for days, it stopped before we needed an ark, so I figure that this too shall pass.

I made gluten free muesli slice, pulling and hiffing from various recipes, but mostly adapting from Anabel Langbein's birdseed bar (she endlessly republishes her recipes and people still buy her new books).

My version looked about like this:
2 cups rolled oats (I'm not that fussy on gf regarding oats)
a scattering of frozen blueberries
1 cup pumpkin seeds
maybe more than 1 cup of sunflower seeds.

Put all that in the oven for about 15 minutes on 180 degress celsius, stirring it quite often.  Use a dish which spreads it out.  Take it out of the oven, put in a bowl to cool and add dried apricots and dark chocolate which you have whizzed together to a chunky crumb.  Also throw in whatever new age superfoods you have in your pantry.  I put in chia seeds and some LSA mixture.

Meanwhile, put about 200g butter, half a tin of condensed milk and 1/3 cup of nut butter (I used almond butter) in a saucepan and heat it all together so it melts.

Mix everything together and then press into a large dish with sides which is already greased and waiting, and then put it in the fridge to chill overnight.  It is completely acceptable to eat sections before the morning as a scientific study of how the chilling and flavour revealing project is going.

Of course, buying all this from scratch costs a bomb.  Maybe you feel that way inclined, though if you are, you should really use a more reputable recipe than mine.  As I'm in the habit of buying new age superfoods and sometimes forgetting to eat them, I had all of it waiting.  The sunflower seeds and the LSA and the almond nut butter were all past the pristine fresh newly opened/picked/ground stage which the superfood superstars decree, but in my book, it tasted much better than KFC and had more nutrition to boot.  And I didn't waste the food.

Michael Pollan was in the Sunday Star Times yesterday.  Superfood superstar extraordinaire - there is more of an industry sharing his secrets than any music star.  There were two whole pages devoted to his suggestion that we cook and eat together as a family more often.  Padding in the print if not in the waistline.  I found the image styling annoying.  Most of the two pages was dominated by a sepia-toned image of a 1950s family sitting around the table, replete with period wallpaper. Is it really that retro to eat together at the table?  We always do, and did before we had the children, and whenever we share food with our friends, that happens round the same table they use every day for their family meals.

I've been knitting. It's a good holiday from sewing.  Quite a lot of thinking in sewing.  Mum asked me if I was knitting a poncho.  It may be homespun (not by me) and home dyed (also not by me) thick wool being knitted in a simple pattern, but it is not a poncho.  A poncho might be ugly, but a shawl?  I think a shawl is less likely, considerably less likely, to be ugly.

Now I shall go to bed.  Common sense decrees that I should have gone to bed an hour ago, and common sense has a proven record regarding getting enough sleep.  But maybe there would be room to start the new Kate Atkinson which I found at the library last week.  Just a page..


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