a call for sock knitting help

We won't be talking about the woollen curtain for the front door for a while, okay? Once I had handsewn a band at the top, I proudly showed it to Favourite Handyman who couldn't ever remember agreeing to how I thought I had told him it would be. Then he got me to hold it up and it was too short and I remembered why I had been initially planning to use the purple double bed blanket and not the single bed cream(ish) one.

So that project is off the menu for the meantime.

And I miss having a piece of knitting on the go.

And in my drawer (or by the computer now) I have 100gms of sock wool. I found it at the Sallies. It is 3 ply sock yarn, in a nice slightly teal-y blue colour and it is New Zealand made. Called "Family", it was made by Alliance Textiles. It doesn't say where in NZ and I suspect that it was perhaps one of the last sock yarns to be made here - the label and brand suggest the 1980s to me. It is not possible to buy NZ-made sock yarn currently.

I don't want socks for my children. They are spoilt. I want socks for me. I've never made socks before, but I am a competent knitter given a basic pattern (as in nice, even stitching, not as in good at flash stitches and techniques). My google searching thus far has not turned up adult socks in 3 ply. I am figuring that if I could get the part up to my ankle done in 50gm of sock yarn per foot, then I could change needles and wool and finish the top bit in thicker wool. I have found a ball of Cleckheaton variegated wool which would do the trick in my drawer.

Any suggestions? I'm going to have a look at our local wool shop tomorrow but I don't think they stock much of a range of sock patterns. I've never knitted in 3 ply in my life before and got very grumpy when I did a 4 ply vest for Brighid. But I really want to use this wool. I am going to have feet this size for a long time so it doesn't matter hugely that it will be slow going.


Sharonnz said…
Sorry to "spam" you but I'm pretty sure the Vintage Purls sock yarn is milled somewhere in the South Island? Check it out: http://shop.vintagepurls.co.nz/hand-dyed-yarn/sock/cat_36.html

As for a 3ply pattern? No help here sorry - I've only done baby knitting in 3ply. Maybe an extremely upsized pair of booties?
ah. Thanks Sharon. Last time I looked at vintage purls it wasn't clear that it was NZ made yarn. Maybe the 3 ply wasn't such a wonderful find. I'm not keen on adapting a pattern when I've never made socks before.
Looks like I've found a 3 ply pattern after all. The link came from the vp website, so still thanks to you Sharon.

Christy said…
highly recommend ravelry if you haven't already joined. www.ravelry.com has fantastic pattern search function and shows which are available free. if searching though i would use term 'fingerling' rather than three ply as it's mostly american.
Christy said…
whoops that should say fingering rather than fingerling. think the ply weights are much easier to understand!
nova_j said…
or if you go to knitty.com there is a universal sock pattern - any weight yarn, any size foot! looking forward to seeing your new socks! ;)
joanne said…
Also, can you knit on four needles? It is easy but looks hard. You need it so you don't have uncomfortable seams in your socks.

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