Winter warmth projects

No matter what happens in the world of politics, the more practical needs around our way at the moment are finalising preparations for winter.

Today I finished the Depression Dress for Brighid. For a loosely guessed sizing with no pattern, it came out pretty well. It is too big and when will fit her better next year. But I have used up lots of wool remnants and it will keep her warm. Especially when she stops spitting milk on it and no longer discards it in the corner of the kitchen when I am not looking. If you want gushing praise for a non-food item, do not look to my two year old daughter.

My next winter warmth project is to turn a blanket into a curtain for the front door. I have a towel rolled up at the base to stop the bottom draft. But there are small drafts along the sides of the door and as the door is mostly window panes, plenty of cold seeps through that as well. I planned this last year but have yet to make progress. What we need to do before I start sewing hoops across the top of the blanket is to buy a piece of dowel and two large hooks and put them on the wall above the door. I expect we could pay a princely sum for something perfect for the job from the curtain and furnishing shop here in town. But I do not have princely sums in mind. So we will be exploring the hardware shops for large hooks and a piece of smooth dowel which we can either leave as is or varnish ourselves. Or just a broom handle.

On Easter Sunday the children will unwrap new pyjamas as well as chocolates from their grandparents in Auckland. I've been discouraging people from buying them chocolate as much as possible, though I'm not sure how effective I'm being. My Easter present to them is an egg cup each.

It's all full of irony that we are seemingly celebrating the arrival of spring with eggs and bunnies as we simultaneously start lighting the fire each night. I've had a quick look at this site on Samhain and I'm starting to think about a special event with family and friends for or around 30 April. It is near to May Day, which we already have union celebration plans for. I think that the pumpkin which we grew and which is drying on the kitchen windowsill, will be our Jack-O-Lantern as we think about darkness and light.


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