Is this the part where I pull out soap recipes?

Or shift the soap box for the milk box?

First day of the new school term. Fionn went, late, in swim shoes and quadbiking gloves. Begrudgingly, he also wore a few items I insisted upon, like shorts and top and jersey.

I have no motivation for doing the proper houserunning things I ought to be doing and I'm not quite ready to go on a massive shoe hunt on Fionn's behalf just yet.

So I'm mucking around online and I find some discussion on getting the supermarket out of people's every day and every week lives.

Maybe I should do that. Bit of focus. I've played round with it before.

Currently, I source eggs, fish, meat and most vegetables and fruit elsewhere. I source some of my flour and often my tahini elsewhere. So what next?

  • I could make my own yoghurt, not from a sachet but the real thing. I've tried and given up before and I've ditched my kefir, but this isn't impossible. Knowing my history, I'll stick to easiyo sachets for the time being and focus on other supermarket elimination tactics.

  • I could source more from the Bin Inn. I've been using vinegar and baking soda for cleaning (such that I clean) so they could come from there instead of the supermarket.

  • Laundry powder. Dishwashing liquid. Dishwasher powder. Perhaps it's time to get out Annie Berthold-Bond's book on home cleaners.
  • Shampoo and conditioner. Baking soda and something else isn't it? hmmm.
  • I dunno. I've kind of made some peace with my supermarket. We live in a small town so I know lots of people each time I go shopping, both other shoppers and the supermarket staff. If I could get local raw milk, then I would be prepared to give up the supermarket, but for the meantime, I've got to go there to spend our modest dosh on expensive organic milk. Which reminds me of another question: What exactly is milk really worth? Or should be valued at? Because knowing that non-organic, supermarket own brand cow's milk is a fraction of the price of organic, non-homogenised milk, is only a relative comparison, not any clue or representation of what we ought ethically be paying for milk, and who that money should go to.


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