Letters with focus

Can I do it?

I've enjoyed blogging on Sandra's Garden for the last 20 months, charting my ups and downs in the garden and sharing my enthusiasm and or rage at other events globally or locally. Increasingly I found myself writing about my endeavours in the kitchen.

But it was all getting just too random and I was aware that in writing terms, I was getting slack and sloppy. Had been for ages. Was I writing for an audience or merely writing journal notes, a tiny smudgy step up from my shopping list?

This new blog is an attempt to focus myself a little more clearly. It may be spectacularly unsuccessful, feeble and weak. I know I veer from spilling my thoughts out without heed to an audience to keenly awaiting comments. And then I find that much as I love reading comments, I almost never have any decent reply to make. Which doesn't go a long way towards building up dialogue.

So here goes. The rainy season has begun. So has Letters from Wetville. I'm aiming for four sections:






Sharonnz said…
Looking forward to it;-)

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