Dead animal whiff

Well that will be the end of any vegans reading for the night.

But seriously, there is the smell of dead animal in our back garden. It is stronger in some places than others. I removed cat poo (our neighbours have many cats; at least the dogs can't get in) from one garden and I checked the chook run. The chook run area is a bit pongy as well but I think that is a separate problem, which will be when Favourite Handyman has a few hours to fix the huge rents in the chook run plastic cover.

Last time we had a pong like this, I eventually found a dead and decomposing hedgehog. I said many prayers of thanks that I found it first, not the (then) one year old.

I think the strongest smell is from under the house. Which does suggest that Favourite Handyman's job list is lengthening by the second.

Being of a fairly staunch disposition smell-wise, I managed to garden near the whiff without too much trouble this afternoon. I worked on the last section of the back of the house garden strip, the part which is alongside the wash house. It gets pretty wet, often floods, and yields from this part have been low ever since I created the garden two years ago. I lifted the onions (red and bunching) and threw out the ones which have already rotted in the ground. I pulled the scrawny remains of my camomile growing experiment. I'll try them again next year in a different spot. I hauled out some weeds and left the earth bare ready for some seed sowing (rocket and phacelia) tomorrow, when apparently the lunar elements are favourable.

Favourite Handyman was unable to work on the aforementioned tasks today as he was at the home of friends, being wonderful. They have recently pulled out their chimney and FH spent hours knocking mortar off bricks. We now have 151 lovely bricks stacked up awaiting re-use in some marvellous project. To say thank you for these bricks, I gathered some vegetables from around the garden and took round. I love gifting vegetables from my garden because I am a show-off.


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