daily bread

Indeed I am making bread on a daily or almost daily basis. Esepcially when it is raining. I have finally got my rye bread to the consistency I wanted. The main problem earlier, I can now see, was that I wasn't cooking it for long enough.

The rye bread is a perfect match for eggs on toast, but as a 100% rye, it is a little heavy as sandwiches. I have found another great bread though. I think it is great anyway.

It is from Andrew Whitley's bible, oops I meant Bread Matters. This book is my bible for breadmaking. It is called Cromarty Cob and is a wheat bread kicked off with a rye starter. It seems otherwise closely related to what he calls a French Country Loaf and has a lovely chewy crust and a holey, kind of grunty yet still soft interior. He calls for some wholemeal and some white flour in the production dough, and then for the remainder of the mix he calls for some bread grade flour and some plain flour. On Monday when I first made this, I used my purple wheat zentrofan flour for the first wholemeal flour measure. Then I had no plain flour for the second part. So I used a little extra bread grade white flour and then used my purple wheat flour instead of the plain flour.

It came out tasting superb and the colour was a deep brown.

I have only heard of purple wheat within New Zealand so far. It is also sometimes known as konini and both my NZ Bread Making book (Leach/Browne/Titchborne) and the owner of Terrace Farms who sold me the flour said that it is used as an addition to bread, never as the main breadmaking flour. So I assumed it is low in gluten and therefore perfect for replacing the plain flour part for a Cromarty Cob.

'Tis. I've got another loaf beginning it's journey as I type. Even my son likes it. He who is determined to impress upon me the superiority of shop made food at every turn.

I'm off to sneak in some reading time (Disobedience, by Naomi Alderman - fabulous so far) but will post the recipe for a Cromarty Cob later this week. School holidays - we're all about sneaking reading in here.


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