Supporting our rescue workers

Nice reflective piece from Amy Glass in today's Press. It is online here. You can also read the Press tribute to Grey District mayor Tony Kokshoorn here. I found both of these articles in the paper version this evening as I waited for dinner in town and it was a nice antidote. I've been upset by some people, including bloggers, deriding the rescue operation. When I heard the news of the first explosion, I asked to use the phone immediately to know that my friend T was alright. I was so relieved when he answered the telephone. He has been doing long hours ever since, using every ounce of his geologist training to assist in a dangerous situation. All across our district and with national and international assistance, people are putting their very very very best and most skilled feet forward and I am grateful and proud to know them or know of them.

If you discovered this blog in the last week, you won't be expecting details of a local girl's clumsy but improving sewing attempts on a blog titled "supporting our rescue workers". But that is how it is here, snippets of my life on a web postcard. Favourite Handyman is sick. The children are tired. I have a mysterious lurgy which has as its key symptom a startling loss of patience with small children. I got out the juicer to make us all better this morning which worked a bit and mostly made a lot of mess. We visited our friends who have recently created an animal farm in their backyard. I like our Brown Shaver hens, but their Rhode Island Reds are extremely handsome birds. Our friends also have rabbits, which my children can enjoy on visits as I don't allow pets who don't produce eggs. If we had enough space, I would allow milk-producing pets also, but 800 square metres mostly taken up with a house and garden does not quite allow for a pet goat or cow.

I also considered labelling this post Yellow Kaftan Night.

With photo credits to my son, you are can see me in my latest creation, a nightshirt of considerable proportions (finished apart from a button and the hems). I have no plans to gain 20 kilos or have more babies, but I do now have a nightshirt which could see me through such events. The pattern sort of matches the kitchen lino don't you think?

With less than two weeks to go until the Big Holiday North, we made the smallest of gains on our preparation. FH weighed the tents, Brighid broke the scales, I lost the plot, Fh mended the scales, I folded washing to create some order, the children dirtied themselves and as much fabric as they possibly could. If anyone else has read Mr Little's Noisy Train, that is how it feels here, except now the children are asleep and I do love them unreservedly. I guess a holiday with three packets of toothpaste and no tent pegs can be fun, certainly we've enjoyed them before...


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