flower love and twirly skirts: Saturday in suburbia

Dublin Bay on ochre corrugated iron. My poor photography skills don't do this beautiful plant justice. I found it languishing and super-cheap at the Warehouse a few years ago. The first season in the punga raised bed did not go well and last year went okay, but this season it is a stunner. One day it will be all along this fence-line. In autumn I shall take cuttings.
A couple of years ago we grew tobacco. In the absence of specialist equipment, we dried it on a clothesline in the shed and hey presto, cheap tobacco. Favourite Handyman, after the lung infection, thought the home grown was wetter than bought and worse for his lungs. I canned all tobacco growing from that moment onwards. The stuff is dangerous enough in packets. But these nicotiana flowers are from some self-seeded tobacco from that crop two years ago. Pretty flowers. I am pleased to note that the chooks don't care for the leaves.
The first skirt for the out law niece is finished. Brighid models it above and below so I could adjust the elastic. I think the pink ric-rac looks great. It is a very full skirt - the hem on this measured 2.6 metres, and the size 7 version which I am part way through sewing is 3.4 metres around the hemline.
I haven't been in the kitchen all day apart from making breakfast and multiple cups of vitamin C and blackcurrant juice. Wednesday's last load of washing stayed out for three days. The world is still spinning.

But next weekend, we have visitors all the way from Wellington AND I am doing a reflexology course. V-E-R-Y exciting.

This Atlantic article on the multiple problems with medical 'research', Lies, Damned Lies, and Medical Science, is very interesting so far.


Ange said…
Dublin Bay!! Spot on!! I've got one and it just luuuurves a full-on prune every year. Spectacular display ...

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