Longer than a pregnancy

I went into the local wool shop today as they rang me to see if I still wanted my purple wool kept aside. The date on the packet of remaining balls was February. February. I've grown babies to the point of them breathing all by themselves in less time than this damned cross over cardigan is taking. I did a few more rows this evening.

I was looking at this article on the WAPF conference earlier this evening. Great for the blogger that she was sponsored in return for writing it up on her blog. I recalled a recentish post from Sally Fallon wants to soak my nuts in which it transpires that the blogger's wife (and the blog is all about the food they make for each other, in their private life) is the publicist for the WAPfoundation. Something is ringing alert bells in my head. I do understand that I am a small town hippy who doesn't have the balls to go head to head with the big guns like Monsanto and play them at their own marketing game. Maybe the war of marketing of ideas and food love has to be played with the same tools.

But I'm not quite convinced. If you are on a media junket to a conference, how free are you to review the content in genuinely critical terms? Questions are starting to bubble up in my head at least about the agendas behind the WAPF.

Crocheted dish cloths. Shoot me now if you need to. I saw the cotton in the shop for them today and it is $11.70 for 100g. How many zillion can you knit or crochet from 100g please? Only I'm not taking the damn purple cardy on our trip north but I just might find, (I know siblings, yes I know like whom) that I want to make something of an evening while listening to the out laws. Crocheted dish cloths seem quite portable and tiny. Fancier than using up old towels, though clearly an insane amount of effort.

Coming up next week: Poison and Purity: a play about 1080 shows here in Wetville, site of much anger about 1080 from all sorts of groups. If you are near Greymouth, then it is at the Tai Poutinin Polytech atrium, 25-27th November @ 8pm. $5. Also next week, TV6 are coming to Blackball to film the Blackball museum of working class history project.


nova_j said…
i think generally it's 2 per 50g... but that is an expensive cloth (imo) so i made sponge sized ones rather than the big square ones (i think most patterns are 20x20)

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