Friday asthma

Me Made May'12?  Probably designed for people who don't have sick kids.  No photo today, though I did use my home made bag and I wore the petticoat/slip which I bought for 50 cents at the Sallies and took the hem up myself.  You wouldn't be getting a photo of me in my undergarments even if my photographer wasn't too focused on breathing to take photos.

Favourite Handyman took the day off to look after Fionn and I went to work.  When they were much smaller I preferred to always be the person home with them when they were sick, but now they are bigger it is good to share the load and not always cancel my work commitments.  I also feel like a grown up feminist who actually shares the child care on the tough days this way too. 

I find that it is easy to end up focusing on other aspects of parenting or child wellness and be oblivious to something slipping until it is a bit late.  For us, that has been running out of flax seed oil and not keeping the omega 3 intake up.  Cod Liver Oil is good for vitamins A and D, but it doesn't deliver on omega 3, and omega 3 is very important for asthma prone people.  So today I bought some fish oil with borage oil and now I will try harder to keep it up.  Most fortuitously, I'd already made an appointment with Laksmi our fabulous health therapist for this afternoon, so now we have some ginger compress ideas to try and some breathing exercises. Expect to see (or at least I aim to provide) even more fish on my food reports.

Friday 4 May
breakfast: porridge, and I (who does not much like porridge and is the boss so no one can make me eat it) had salami and rocket and avocado toast.
lunch: home stuff.  Brighid had lunch box food and I came home for lunch and had more avocado and fish and rocket sandwiches.  I think the boys had mouse traps. 
tea: the others had chicken chips (as in crisps for UK friends) and I had bread and blue cheese while I cooked a late dinner of leek/anchovies/garlic.ginger/carrots/capsicums/ broccoli and smoked fish stir fried gently together.  I think it was worth the wait.


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