Wearing purple, not waiting until I am old

 Ah yes, it's that cardigan again.  Unless my sewing machine comes back and I perform miracles of sewing productivity such as I've never achieved before, then many many many photos of this Me Made May'12 lark are going to involve my purple crossover cardy.  If I knitted it again now I would make the sleeve and shoulder size smaller and add more rows and stitches across the front to fit the boobs.  But I've gone off knitting at the moment.
The kids are responsible for the state of the wallpaper.  FH and I are responsible for the training of aforementioned children into civilised and thoughtful human beings and respecters of wallpaper.  The hallway is not the finest moment of any four of us.  I haven't quite the hang of the head turned for photo pose.  I guess there are many more days this month to preactise.  Unless I can find someone else to take my photos, I expect Brighid will be in at least one every single day for May.  I remembered to plait her hair up today as a nits notice came home yesterday.

I've had a few people admire the skirt and ask if I made it.  No I didn't, though I did adjust the waist after I was given it last year.  I woul happily like to make one like it.  It is a wide elastic waistband and then the knit fabric drapes softly off the waistband rather than gathering in a way hardly anyone likes.  The floral panels are identical round the skirt, three at the front and three at the back, and allow for a floral pattern on a flared skirt which does not overwhelm.

Same boots as all the other pictures.  If I had the money for lots of pairs of boots then either I would by now own some red ones or I would have used the money to deal with the state of the hall walls.

Thursday 3 May
Breakfast: porridge for the others and spinach and scrambled egg for me.
Lunch: last pieces of quiche for FH, usual lunch box food for Fionn and Brighid and I fell off the wagon and bought a salmon bagel in town.
Tea: pasta with mushroom sauce (mushroom, garlic, kale, thyme, sour cream) and beetroot salad with freshly cooked turbot and lime and coriander.  It was all quite nice, though as a combination I doubt it would win restaurant awards.


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