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Sushi salad.  Last night I was tired.  We still needed to eat.  Takeaways were not an option.  I put the wrong kind of rice in the pot so no basmati rice with fish and veg after all.  So I made the sushi rice as I usually would for sushi, then cooked the terakihi in butter/oil/ginger/lemon thyme/lemon juice and with broccoli, then tipped the whole lot into a bowl with the rice and added grated carrot and avocado.  I also added broken up nori into the rice before the fish went in, but I needed to have crumbled it up into much smaller pieces.  It tasted good.  I would do it again.

Baked fish.  Tonight I was tired.  It took every last ounce of discipline to start cooking dinner and not go blow money on takeaways and wine.  I tried out Annabel Langbein's baked fish with almond sauce and it was good.  Almonds are fantastic sources of magnesium and calcium but no one apart from me really wants to just eat them raw, alone.  Apparently the omega 3 in fish is preserved for absorption better when fish is baked compared with when it is fried.

Last night was craft night.  I took various things along for advice and now I have ideas for the new bag and for the crochet tablecloth which we inherited and for the long thought-of decorative blanket for our bed.
 Beautiful handiwork huh?  This comes from FH's grandmother, and may have been made by her or her mother.  I couldn't get all the coffee stains out, but I wasn't risking leaving something so old in napisan for ever.  Apparently it lived on the dining room table in between meals for many years.  Originally I thought I would cut it up, but now I am going to repair the holes and sew it to a blanket and make it the new cover for our bed.

I made this woollen cross-stitch in about 2001 and I've never done anything about displaying it.  Now I'm wondering if it would work as the side of a tote-style bag?

 Don't you wish that you too had funky polka dot red pyjamas? 


Anonymous said…
google Dutch Sisters for some ideas on tote bags with embroidered pieces - their work is gorgeous

If you happen to stumble across a pattern for that beautiful crochet tablecloth I would be very interested in it. I've been searching without luck for a long time, it reminds me of one from my childhood which I would love to replicate. Must be a kiwi thing huh


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