Ginger compress

There are photos of today below, wearing some things I made (grey t-shirt with stars print on it plus aqua-blue cardigan which looks and feels rather like a short dressing gown).  My hair is not brushed.  Joining the Me Made May'12 challenge was a commitment to wearing home made clothes, not to brushing my hair on Saturday morning.

Today's new adventure was making ginger compresses for Fionn's chest.  He does seem to be improving, and now I know why I bought such a large piece of ginger in the groceries.  Sometimes I get frustrated that my kids continue to get sick despite all my efforts to feed and water and clothe and shelter them to good health.  But it is timely at that point, I tell myself, to remember that on both sides of their genetic inheritance, relatives died young of asthma and breathing/chesty/lung complaints, so getting it down to a few bouts per year is a success.

Also, I have and had a head cold.  I wouldn't describe that as an adventure.

In the absence of a sewing machine, I thought I would knit something.  Something fast.  A scarf made of kelly green wool from my late mother in law.  A scarf to go with the beautiful full length hooded deep red coat which also used to be hers and which is now, most luckily, mine.  The wool is 12 ply (the variety is Shepherd kwiknit) and I am using 7mm needles with plain stocking stitch to knit it up as quickly as possible.  I started out with a prtty rib but started again as I could tell I didn't have the patience to keep on ribbing.  Counting!  I pondered using it to teach myself how to knit a cable, but head colds and concentration on learning new skills don't combine.

I had some vaguely intelligent thoughts about the way in which Kate Middleton is so admired by many women and yet is almost completely silent in public, but now I cannot for the life of me find the article which prompted these thoughts, so my intellectual analysis skills will have to remain on the wardrobe shelf.

I don't know if I can stand to keep recording our meals each day.  Everything was made at home.  I am rather blurry about lunch - I may have forgotten to feed some people and fed others twice instead.  But Favourite Handyman made breakfast and dinner.  I made steam baths for Fionn and dispensed omega 3 and vitamin C and Malcolm Harker's emphysemol and zinc-pink-ink-drinks and we all discovered we quite like Winter Wellness chews which is surely useful.


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