From quiche to kale

 Day One of the Me Made May'12.  I made the cardigan myself.  It took 18 months and at the end of it I wasn't even that wild about the fit, but it is cosy and warm.  And purple.  I also made the skirt, out of some needlecord from my late mother in law's cupboard.  I think it was once destined for FH's sister when she was about seven.  You might find it easier to look past the droopy tits and the tummy which could be pregnant but certainly isn't than I do, but that, it seems, is the nature of the female gaze.

The punga raised bed, with kale, rocket, spinach, celery and (in spring) red poppies.
 Lemon verbena.
 Green succulent on our red red fence.
 The kale which I finally planted this afternoon.  Planting is quick, but the weeding required to make a space for planting takes a bit longer.
 Alyssum, geraniums, sugar snap peas, rocket, myrtle ugni, thyme, calendula and today's addition: welsh onions.  FH made this garden after the neighbour's dogs killed our chooks several years ago.  It's a lovely splash of colour over the chooks' grave.

Oh what a heroic wonder woman I was today.  I got up at 6am and made a quiche.  I was going to be on top of my game. 

Just after 6.30am, Fionn came through clutching his stomach and feeling that he couldn't go to school today.  After a pile of phone calls and a trip to my work to make arrangements for me not being there, I was home for the day.  No terrible stomach accidents ensued, but it did seem over time that the tightness was just above his stomach and that there were things we could do to help prevent a full blown asthma attack.  I made him nettle tea and tea tree oil steam baths and lots of good things plus, by special request, mouse traps for lunch.  Maybe gluten and dairy isn't perfect for feeling poorly from a strictly nutritional point of view, but from a nine year old boy's point of view, Mum home to make his favourite lunch rocks.

Tuesday 1 May
Breakfast: some people had cornflakes or porridge while one other clutched his stomach.  I think I had toast eventually.
Lunch: FH had quiche, Brighid had home assembled lunch box food and Fionn and I had mouse traps.
Tea/dinner: sushi.  I make it at home.  Any other way is too expensive or, in the case of living in Wetville, just not available.

This is the nightshirt I made today from vintage flannelette sheets from the Sallies.  The shirt uses too much fabric to get the it out of only one sheet, hence the contrasting sleeves.  The other problem is that secoind hand sheets are too worn for the nightshirt to last very long, and buying flannel fabric new is more expensive than buying brand new ready made pjs.  But still, at least the sewing machine behaved for the nightshirt.  It did not behave at all for my blue corduroy skirt when I attempted to understitch the facing at the waist.  So that has to go to the sewing machine doctor tomorrow.

Although today is May Day, I haven't given it a lot of thought.  May Day activities are at Runanga instead of Blackball this year, and are on this coming Saturday.


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