Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I made the cardigan/vest.  I took the sewing machine to the repair person today.  Given the colder weather, I now have two cardigans and one skirt which are home made and suitable for work and one long sleeved t shirt which is home made and fine for wearing in the weekend.  I also have a nightshirt and a bag.  Not quite enough for sustaining a month of daily wearing of home made clothing.

Wednesday 2 May
Breakfast: they had porridge and I had toast with avocado and salmon on it.
Lunch: kids' usual items assembled at home; adults had quiche.
Tea: nachos + broccoli.

Book club tonight.  Sleep time now.

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Anonymous said...

whip up some undies and you'll be able to wear homemade every day! Just might not be posting pics on your bog;-)