another food diary

I'm doing another week of keeping a food diary here. Now that we (I) have made the commitment to no dairy except butter and low wheat, I need to build a new store of fast meals. Fast meals in my world doesn't necessarily mean cooked just before dinner - that is often a nightmare - but prepared quickly.

Tonight: pumpkin and cabana pasta.
Roast six pieces of pumpkin. Leave to cool. Then chop into chunks.
Slice cabana (lovely cold already cooked chorizo from the Blackball Salami Co).
Cook a small amount of pasta, add some chopped broccoli to the boiling water a few minutes before the pasta is cooked.
Put all this in a bowl. Sprinkle some dukkah over top. Drizzle some olive oil over top of that and stir gently to combine. Eat.

Dukkah has turned out a very useful purchase - for a $10 extravagance a few months ago, I have topped lots of meals with this yummy flavour and am only half way through the jar. Of course I could make it myself, and maybe I will sometime, but as of tomorrow I will be far too preoccupied with getting a warrant for our 19 year old car.

There is wheat in the pasta but I used less pasta than I once would have for this meal and only used it at all to pad out the other ingredients so we had enough for a one bowl dinner.

Regular readers this week could surmise that pumpkin is on special at the moment here at Wetville. They would be right.


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