pumpkin spread

I would like an elegant name for my pumpkin spread, but until then, pumpkin spread it is.

Last night we ran out of hummous and the cupboard was bare of chickpea tins. Not quite as bad as running out of toilet paper, but getting up there. So this is my dairy free, hopefully nutritious, alternative to our major lunch staple of hummous.

Roast pumpkin, skin removed after it is roasted.
garlic, peeled and chopped.
anchovies, about half of those little 50g(ish) jars.
pinch of ground coriander seeds.
tahini, about a dessertspoonful.
a few pieces of steamed broccoli left over from dinner.

Whizz it all up in whatever whizzy contraption you have. If you have to mash it by hand, then you would need to cut up the garlic and anchovies finely before you start. Add a little olive oil, whizz some more and eat.


Mary said…
Might try this one - I have all but the anchovies in the kitchen and I don't think the kids would like the anchovies anyway!

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