I made ginger and carrot loaf. I put some beetroot in as well. The effect of this was that the wet mixture looked like a child's vomit at a birthday party. The effect of this was also that the finished loaf, when sliced, looked like it had the measles. Tastes nice though. I have decided that we are cutting out cheese, milk and sour cream, but continuing to use butter. I'm limiting my flour intake, but I deemed a taste of the loaf appropriate - protective mother checking her children's lunch treats y'know.

Beach. We drove to Hokitika to collect the barbeque which we won and spent time in the sun, converting rays into vitamin D and building sculptures out of driftwood. Then we had fish and chips for lunch in the sunshine.

Gala. Yesterday. The big hoopla fundraiser for Fionn's school. My Dad's cousin Mary, now 83, has been baking for the gala since it began 50 years ago. This year she was unwell and missed baking and attending for the first time ever. Favourite Handyman and the children bought raffle tickets and lollies and lunch and facepaints and rides on the trailer behind the quadbike and generally had a good time. I collected money and prepped faces and kept order in the facepainting queue. The facepainters were superbly skilled - I bet you can't get such gorgeous faces for $3 in the big cities. Afterwards we went round to see Mary and give her a report on the day. I'm pleased that she is looking better.

Iatrogenic. A new word which I shall be using more. I learnt it on Emma Hollister's blog, Candida International. Her blog is an excellent find and has also given me another new term: health freedom activists. Given the discussions we've been having recently, I find not just her content interesting (and valuable), but also the contrast in the construction of her blogging identity compared to the explicitly maternal blogs myself and others have been reading and thinking about.

Garden. I weeded outside our bedroom this morning and now I can see the crocus shoots. I can see the other bulbs as well, with a daffodil not far from flowering, but crocuses are my current favourite. They are perfect for this shady spot.

Bloody food. Wonderful stuff, but it can be a headache. I am relieved to report that I am making better headway reconciling the macrobiotic world of Paul Pitchford and the nourishing traditions world of Sally Fallon. Hence butter yes and rest of dairy no. I really should make some sauerkraut, but as I've been thinking that for more than a year, maybe more than two years...

Again on the food front, I'm looking to incorporate seaweed in more meals. We do like sushi, but it doesn't feel warm enough for sushi meals just yet. We do like dinosaur eggs (bake spud, split in half, scoop out flesh and combine with kelp or wakame, salt and lashings of butter. Put back in spud jackets. Resist temptation to serve with anything else. Eat.) We are eating rice quite often at the moment and I dimly recall you can cook your rice with a piece of kombu in the cooking water. Yes? So that is only two and maybe three meals and we need more than that.

John Appleton. I've looked at his website before, but this morning I read more of his articles more carefully. Wealth of useful information. I was particularly interested in the articles on iodine and thyroid, hence a reminder about increasing my repertoire of meals containing seaweed.


Christy said…
It's been interesting reading about your food journeys, I'm only just starting to think a bit beyond trying to get max amount of veges and fruit into small ones, but thinking it might be more my time now. I've had 'bread matters' out of the library for a while based on your reccommendation, and have been enjoying that. Re iodine - i noted that kay baxter in one of her recent articles that i read reccommended adding stock iodine diluted into your compost heap, she thinks that might increase iodine into home grown veges.

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