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Our household is going to go dairy free. Whether this is a thoughtful and wise decision or that of an increasingly mad woman already wearing purple, I cannot objectively say. There are symptoms for all four of us which make the project worth trying. Another part of me says "Just buy some bloody tim tams and stop thinking all the time." The latter part is not currently in the ascendancy, though I can feel her getting ready for a slot.

In news beyond my immediate selfish concerns, Child Poverty Action Group now have a Facebook page and are aiming for 500 'likes' as part of a ymedia project. I don't recognise the term 'ymedia' but I do recognise the value of more New Zealanders becoming aware and supportive of CPAG's work. I love the signautre on their email newsletters:

Ka Whangaia ka tupu, ka puawai
That which is nurtured, blossoms and grows.

Another promotion: this time for a group working to give agency to women over their bodies, one which does not seek to belittle the challenges of a body which grows the next generation and all the responsibility that entails, but to support women to make their own choices, to assume intelligence in an adult woman, not to assume that a pregnant woman is a child who must be regulated regardless of her own assessment of her situation. (The issues around pregnant children are even more complex). The group is called Mothers for Choice.


Anonymous said…
will undoubtedly be quoting you verbatim sometime.....the timtam quote!!!!!
actually, come to think of it, Rob says something fairly similar to me quite frequently. definitley sweeter with timtams though. must tell him.

Julie said…
Thanks for the promo for Mothers For Choice, I love your words!
Johanna Knox said…
Hey Sandra - hope you don't mind - I just talked about you behind your back at:

Well, only briefly! But I thought it might be a discusssion you could be interested in anyway. :)
:)) Rachael.

My pleasure, Julie.

Johanna, I read the link this morning and have been thinking of it often during the day. Thank you very much, not merely for linking to me, but most importantly for showing me that blog. I'll post my thoughts later this week.
Anonymous said…
I would like to exchange links with your site
Is this possible?

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