earth germs

We tried some new vegetables today. Earth gems, boiled like spuds only not for quite as long, then some butter over the top and served with roast chicken and broccoli. Let's not dwell on the chicken, possibly the most ethically loaded food around. Everybody ate them! The children called them earth germs and asked to have them again.
Sharon Astyk, who is forever writing thoughtful intelligent posts, wrote here about cooking skills and the need to adapt to preparing foods currently unusual to us. While I have some reservations about the extent of the crisis which she predicts (I don't think we are all of a sudden going to lose all role specialisation, not even in 100 years, and the role of food access in social stratification and role specialisation is central), I decided that she makes a valid point.

Hence my next project(s): to learn to make and like meals with jerusalem artichokes, globe artichokes and kohlrabi. All of these things are growing in my garden now, so clearly suitable for post-peak oil apocalyptic times should they visit upon us here in Wetville. I have found a recipe for jerusalem artichokes and bought the requisite ingredients. I think it was Gilly who said they make lots of farts and I recall from somewhere that sage is a good for counteracting gaseous foods so I could make sage butter (a beautiful delicacy which I must not throw out just because I have given up gnocchi in my cheese-free condition) to go with the artichoke dish.

I'm still a bit mental. I know this because I cleaned more of the kitchen walls this afternoon. Omens.


Heather said…
I love Earth Gems. My husband got me some for my birthday last year :-)

I like kohlrabi sliced into disks then sticks and used to scoop up gobs of hummus. You can slice the whole thing and then put it in a lidded container in the fridge and it keeps OK for about 4 days then starts to dry out a bit. I also make salad with grated kohlrabi and grated carrot and raisins and a horseradish and yoghurt dressing. No idea how kid-friendly those are, but I've found plenty of adults who like both!

--Heather :-)
Thanks for those tips Heather. I'll be trying them out very soon. Haven't forgotten your request about ethical investments and retirement - I will get to it.

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