Lymphatic drainage

The new project. Brighid and I went to see Laksmi (our fantastic multi-skilled complementary therapist) and she showed me how to do my own lymphatic drainage. I've been having a look at this chart, which I shall print out and stick on the wall. Laksmi was just back from a two week intensive course on visceral manipulation and she did some on me. I will need to listen to her talk as she works for a few more sessions before I start to understand how it works. She did amazing things with my daughter, who loves her. Like so many little girls, Brighid is vulnerable to urinary tract infections with the possibility of kidney problems. I am (at this stage and most likely for the duration) much happier with this holistic way of working with her innards (missing a fancy word here) instead of invasive testing and action via conventional medicine.

Still cleaning. Yesterday I even got the ladder out and cleaned the top of the kitchen on one wall and I cleaned the light shade which is now an entirely different colour. Today I swept the floors and cleaned the bathroom and toilet [yes I have indeed done this before, but to do it with no looming arrival of visitors is rather less usual]. I have no idea how long such enthusiasm will last but I think it is because now that I feel so much healthier, I have the energy to control my environment instead of the other way around.

'Tis time to take that enthusiasm outside and work on my garden. The latest Organics NZ magazine is out and I am reminded that I have the ingredients for improving my compost just waiting for some action on my part. Kay Baxter has more thought-provoking information on nutrient dense food, particularly the growing of it. Not sure when a refractometer (c. $200) will make its way up my shopping list, but it does sound like an interesting tool to play with.

Yesterday I put some black mustard and red clover seeds into jars to sprout and sowed some coriander, basil and celery seeds in my tiny little plastic house which lives on my kitchen window sill. I sowed some burdock in the garden. I need to find room for some spuds. Perhaps with this new energy, I can dig up lawn into new garden this Spring after all.

Bile ducts. Laksmi reckons I need to read up on bile ducts in Pitchford's Healing with Whole Foods. Romantic way to finish an evening, wouldn't you say?


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